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Cobra’s unique origins of hope

John and Becky Douglas lost their daughter, Amber, in 1999. When they were going through Amber’s personal belongings, they discovered that their daughter had been making recurring donations to an orphanage in India. Inspired and curious by her daughter’s donation, Becky visited India. Her trip revealed the shocking and disheveled state of the downtrodden in India. This revelation led to the inception of Rising Star Outreach.

Rising Star Outreach provides medical, educational, and economic aid to families affected by leprosy residing in Tamilnadu, India, Over the years, Rising Star Outreach has extended its help to those affected by Tsunamis by providing victims with homes and schooling.

Rise of Globalization

Rising Star Outreach and its volunteers were introduced to many philanthropists, some of whom were economists, members of the legal system and technologists. This union of intellectuals formed the core of Cobra – harnessing modern technology in the legal sphere. Cobra’s primary focus was to combine the intellect and talent of Indian-trained lawyers with modern technology in eDiscovery.

The Journey Begins

Each of Cobra’s seasoned founders fully comprehended the importance excellence from passed experience working at large corporations. Their knowledge and expertise enabled them to cater to client requirements effectively, while maintaining quality and timeliness of delivery. Conviction laced through the fibers of Cobra's business model facilitated smooth funding. The core at Cobra Legal Solutions is to revolutionize the delivery of legal support services and to explore the dynamics of globalization.

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