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Document Review and Management Solutions

Cobra provides superior document review and management services at attractive costs by combining excellent on-shore and off-shore legal talent. By integrating proven management practices and data management technologies, we reduce the uncertainties and risks associated with large-scale document review projects and provide reliable, consistent and efficient service. Read more

Litigation Technology Consulting Services

Cobra understands the importance of utilizing technology to manage all phases of document management. We have close working relationships with the leading technology companies and are committed to finding the best and most cost-effective technology solutions for our clients. Our goal is to ensure that the technology component facilitates the processing, hosting, review and production of the increasing volume of documents in a high quality, cost-effective way so that our clients can focus on the critical legal aspects of their cases. Read more

Legal Research

Cobra Legal Solutions provides legal research and legal survey services. Our Indian attorneys are familiar and well trained with online legal research tools including Lexis-Nexis and Westlaw. We have dedicated and active research teams to meet client requirements on a customized level. Read more

Contract Management

Cobra’s contract management services provide continuous assistance to the clients by proactively engaging in the different stages of the contract management cycle. The high quality services provided are bundled with a strategic advantage of providing end-to-end solutions at attractive costs on an on-going basis. Our team of attorneys, who are experienced in diverse business and industrial backgrounds, possess the essential skills to draft, review, analyze, and manage contracts, as well as provide support in such areas as negotiations and administration, regardless of the volume or turnaround requirements. Read more

Litigation Support Services

Expand Your Team - Minimize Cost - Address the Needs of Cost Sensitive Clients - Clients are becoming more and more sensitive (and resistant) to high charges for routine tasks. By supplementing your team with our resources (to handle routine tasks at affordable prices) you free up your attorneys to do higher value work for which you can be appropriately compensated. Cobra is an extraordinary resource for the fixed fee or contingency matter. Cobra will provide the team to augment your team of lawyers to meet your specialized requirements and tight deadlines. Your Firm controls costs while providing high-quality service. Read more