Speaking Legal in eDiscovery: 7 Litigation Stages to Know

In our last post, I discussed how there are at least four “languages” that are spoken within a typical eDiscovery project: Legal, Technical, Project Management and Client. To be a proficient eDiscovery provider, you need to speak all four languages fluently. In the next two posts, I’ll discuss some of the legal terms and concepts an eDiscovery provider needs to understand to support the lawyers and other legal professionals in the case. Read more

The 4 Languages of eDiscovery

A Proficient eDiscovery Provider Needs to Be Fluent in Several Languages

Despite the title, this isn’t a post about translation services in eDiscovery – it’s about the different “languages” that an eDiscovery provider needs to be able to speak to provide excellent services to their clients. Becoming fluent in the various languages is key to communicating effectively with your clients and within the discovery team. It’s also key to educating your clients and your team to understand the concepts and terminology of discovery that may lie outside of their normal expertise or comfort zone. Read more