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EDRM’S Illumination Zone: Cobra Legal’s Doug Kaminski & John Pappas sit down with Kaylee & Mary

EDRM Global Podcast Network’s Illumination Zone: Doug Kaminski, Chief Revenue Officer and John Pappas, Senior Director of EDRM Trusted Partner, Cobra Legal Solutions, sit down with Kaylee & Mary to talk about their approach to pricing alignment with clients and what attracted John Pappas to Cobra. Listen to their conversation here. Cobra continues to grow […]

Speaking Project Management in eDiscovery: Managing the Triple Constraint

Speaking Project Management in eDiscovery Includes Managing the Triple Constraint Our last post concluded our Speaking Technical in eDiscovery series by discussing the importance of understanding metadata. Understanding legal and technical concepts are important to speaking the languages of eDiscovery, but you can’t succeed in discovery projects without speaking project management. And one of the […]

Speaking Technical in eDiscovery: Understanding Metadata

Speaking Technical in eDiscovery Includes Understanding Metadata In our last post, we discussed the role of digital forensics in eDiscovery. Our last post in the Speaking Technical series (for now at least) discusses perhaps the most important, yet most misunderstood, type of data there is – metadata! Defining Metadata The most common definition you hear […]

Cobra Partners with Merlin Search Technologies

Cobra + Merlin: Unleashing the Power of Search 2.0 for Legal Professionals March 23, 2022 – Austin, TX – Cobra Legal Solutions, a leading legal operations outsourcing provider (LOOP), announced today that the company has partnered with Merlin Search Technologies to add their next-generation Search 2.0 technology to Cobra’s robust portfolio of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence […]

Cobra Partners with Reveal

Cobra Goes “All In On AI” by Adding Deeper Artificial Intelligence Tools March 11, 2022 – Austin, TX – Cobra Legal Solutions, a leading legal operations outsourcing provider (LOOP), announced today that the company has established a partnership with Reveal-Brainspace, a leading provider of AI-powered eDiscovery software. Cobra Legal clients will now be able to leverage […]

Coming to “Terms” with Speaking Technical in eDiscovery

In our last two posts, we discussed Speaking Legal in eDiscovery with seven litigation stages and seven eDiscovery rules to know. Now it’s time to come to “terms” with Speaking Technical in eDiscovery, starting by learning the meaning of some very important terms!  Though you don’t have to become highly technical, a working knowledge of […]

Speaking Legal in eDiscovery: 7 eDiscovery Rules to Know

In our last post, we began our discussion of speaking legal with seven litigation stages to know. Another aspect of speaking legal involves being familiar with rules involving important considerations for conducting effective discovery.  Though there are plenty, we’ll focus on seven of these rules.