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Do the Math, Think Fractional

When it Comes to Timely Project Management for Discovery, Do the Math and Think Fractional By: Doug Kaminski Chief Revenue Officer, Cobra Legal Solutions eDiscovery case law is rife with cautionary tales of significant mistakes in eDiscovery that were made that cost the parties dearly – sometimes even the case itself.  In this case ruling […]

Cobra Acquires Digital Discovery as Planned Expansion Continues

August 2, 2021 – Austin, TX – Cobra Legal Solutions, a leading legal operations outsourcing provider (LOOP), has acquired award-winning digital forensics and data collection company, Digital Discovery. Based in Dallas, the team at Digital Discovery adds upstream evidence collection, forensic investigations, and cyber incident response capabilities to further augment Cobra’s eDiscovery and data breach […]

Cobra Announces New RelativityOne Offering, Improving eDiscovery Capabilities

The SaaS eDiscovery solution will provide more value in the cloud for Cobra’s clients July 28, 2021 – Austin, TX – Cobra Legal Solutions today announced it is expanding the firm’s global eDiscovery offering with the addition of Relativity’s cloud-based eDiscovery solution, RelativityOne. With RelativityOne, Cobra’s clients can streamline their discovery process in a single, […]

Contracting Dis-ease: Optimizing Your Contracts Process

By: Doug Kaminski Chief Revenue Officer, Cobra Legal Solutions Drafting, reviewing, and managing contracts has become more complex than ever these days.  The economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic prevented numerous individuals and companies from fulfilling their contracts last year, forcing mass review of those contracts to determine what recourse contracting parties could take […]

There Are No Small Parts

By: Doug Kaminski Chief Revenue Officer, Cobra Legal Solutions In theatre, there is a saying attributed to “the father of modern acting” Konstantin Stanislavski, where he said, “there are no small parts, only small actors.”  Just as in a theatre play where every actor contributes to the play’s success, every team member in a discovery […]

That’s Not the Way We Do It Anymore

By: Doug Kaminski Chief Revenue Officer, Cobra Legal Solutions One of the biggest impediments to progress within organizations is the phrase “that’s the way we’ve always done it”.  As we discussed in this post, processes have to evolve to continue to be useful and productive.  And they have to leverage technology, as well as expertise […]

Trust the Process

By: Doug Kaminski Chief Revenue Officer, Cobra Legal Solutions Trust the Process, Because Processes Have to Evolve to Lead to Improvement. We’re in the midst of the NBA basketball playoffs and the top seed in the Eastern Conference this year is the Philadelphia 76ers. The 76ers used to be bad – really bad. They won […]

The Lines Between Information Governance and Legal Hold Are Becoming Blurred – and That’s a Good Thing

By: Doug Kaminski Chief Revenue Officer, Cobra Legal Solutions If you’re familiar with today’s Electronic Discovery Reference model (EDRM), you know that 1) the model shows distinct lines between each of the phases and 2) the far left-side of the model actually includes a model within the EDRM model.  The Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) […]

Cobra Announces Strategic Investment from Blue Sage Capital

Cobra’s Partnership with Blue Sage Enables Acceleration in Company Growth Cobra Legal Solutions is pleased to announce a recently completed strategic investment by Blue Sage Capital. Headquartered in Austin, Texas with an additional office in Chennai, India, Cobra is a leading provider of legal services including eDiscovery technology services, eDiscovery managed review, contracts management and […]

Definition of Team

By: Kendra Smith VP of Legal Technology, Cobra Legal Solutions As I sat down to write this blog – fingers ready in position on keyboard with a fresh cup of coffee at my side – I froze; I suddenly had nothing to say, nothing to talk or write about. It felt like all of the […]