Growing a Culture of Diversity

This webinar is a follow-up from our previous session on the role of equality and inclusion in legal operations. This next chapter is, well, the next logical chapter. Putting diversity, inclusion, and equality plans into action to ensure it’s not just the focus du jour.

If Not Now, When? Driving Equality and Inclusion in Legal Operations

The topic of diversity and inclusion is at the top of conversations today but what does it mean for legal operations? How has the narrative changed in the wake of the pandemic and the focus on racial equality?

Legal Ops: A Prescription for Clearer Vision in 2020 and Beyond

We’re in unprecedented times with far-reaching economic and personal effects. Roles, responsibilities, resources, and approach all need to be recalibrated to produce more value from our legal spend. The impact of strategic legal operations has never been more important in dealing with the current and future changes to the delivery of legal services.