Cobra Partners with Merlin Search Technologies

Cobra + Merlin: Unleashing the Power of Search 2.0 for Legal Professionals

March 23, 2022 – Austin, TX – Cobra Legal Solutions, a leading legal operations outsourcing provider (LOOP), announced today that the company has partnered with Merlin Search Technologies to add their next-generation Search 2.0 technology to Cobra’s robust portfolio of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence tools.

“Cobra has always been a ‘tech prescriptive’ company…not agnostic and not fixed on just traditional methods to help reduce the cost and risk of discovery.  Leveraging the power of Merlin IS for our clients helps avoid force fitting a solution to their data challenges so we can produce better outcomes at lower cost” said Cobra CRO, Doug Kaminski. “We have yet to see a technology that returns results as quickly and accurately as Merlin IS.”

Merlin IS is the first Search 2.0 platform offering both keyword and algorithmic search in a single, user-friendly, integrated system.  Drawing from the latest cutting-edge search and machine-learning technology, the platform, powered by the Sherlock AI engine, is purpose-built to make search smarter, review faster and discovery more affordable.

“Sherlock will revolutionize document search the way Pandora revolutionized how we find great music,” explained John Tredennick, Merlin’s CEO and founder. “Users simply click ‘Thumbs Up’ or ‘Thumbs Down’ and Sherlock does the rest, quickly surfacing additional relevant documents.”


“We built Sherlock to be fast and scalable–an order of magnitude faster than anything on the market,” explained Dr. William Webber, PhD, Merlin’s Chief Data Scientist. “Sherlock can analyze selected documents, build a machine-learning model, apply it to a million documents,  and bring back more relevant documents in 100 milliseconds.  That is faster than the blink of an eye.  Sherlock can do ten million documents in a second,” he explained.

Merlin Invited to Present at International Conference on Information Retrieval

Team Sherlock is off to Stavanger, Norway to present a paper on Sherlock’s unique Cluster Batching capabilities. The paper will be presented at the 44th European Conference on Information Retrieval, which will be held April 10-14, 2022.

William Webber and John Tredennick were invited to present their paper: “Relevance-Specific Clustering in Predictive Coding,” at a special workshop called ALTARS 2022. The workshop is the first to focus on “Evaluation Metrics and Protocols for eDiscovery and Systematic Review Systems.” The paper was selected for presentation by an academic review board selected by the conference’s organizers


About Merlin Search Technologies

Merlin is a cloud technology company developing AI software for investigations, e-discovery and compliance. Our flagship, Merlin Integrated Search, is the first Search 2.0 platform, the first to offer keyword and algorithmic search combined in one user-friendly, integrated system. It provides a faster, easier and more effective way to find relevant documents for investigations, discovery and legal compliance.  Merlin IS is powered by Sherlock, the first AI-driven digital document bloodhound.

Merlin’s founder, John Tredennick, began his career as a trial lawyer and partner at a national law firm. In 2000, he launched Catalyst, a leading e-discovery technology company. After selling Catalyst in 2019, he founded Merlin Search Technologies to design and develop the next generation of AI-driven search and review software. His team has over two decades of experience, building and hosting search and review software for many of the largest organizations and law firms in the world.  Sherlock® is a registered trademark of Merlin Search Technologies, Inc.  More Information at:

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