Data Breach Trending in 2022

Data breach… this seems to be the hot topic in not just the legal industry, but in the corporate world today. Now more than ever, companies find themselves vulnerable to data breach and ransomware. That’s why it is important to have a plan. I was able to sit down and talk to Cobra’s own Steve Davis, Private Security Company Manager & Licensed Private Investigator under Data Discovery, and pick his experienced brain on the importance of creating a backup plan when it comes to your data.

I spoke with Steve about a client at a huge manufacturing company that came to us for help on a breach involving ransomware. When we asked them to explain their backup system, they said “yeah, we really don’t have a backup system.” No backup system?! Well, most will tell you that there is no choice other than to pay the ransomware and learn from it moving forward. Not Steve and Cobra Data Discovery.

We said “let’s think through this…” Steve suggested that people don’t create documents for the heck of it; most everyone transmits everything they create. Working with the client and learning the logical structure of their Office 365 environment, our team analyzed all of that data and metadata – and were able to rebuild their file server system with everything that had been transmitted between 500-600 people in the company. After that, we were able to determine what data was potentially exposed (minimal) and helped them create their response plan.

The client was able to avoid paying the ransomware and rebuilt from scratch a new cloud-based server system using the harvested data and attachments. This also gave them the capacity to have redundancy and backup on the fly, be cloud-based, and not vulnerable to hackers and ransomware in the future.

Now that Digital Discovery is Cobra Data Discovery, our combined forces allow clients a one-stop-shop to handle their data’s entire lifecycle – without handoffs to or from outside vendors. Team Cobra has always been nimble and equipped with a force of experts to help our partners solve their unique problems. This is what propels our continued progress and growth while producing better outcomes for our clients.

“In 30+ years in the eDiscovery space, I have never heard ‘Yes’ so many times.  Yes, we can try that.  Yes, let’s investigate that product or service.  Yes, let’s attend that event,” said Steve. “Cobra is a group of like-minded individuals who actually get why we exist.  Not just to line people’s pockets, but to collaborate in an effort to perform effectively for our clients.  And to do so excellently!”

Check out more examples of how our agile team has helped clients save money without jeopardizing quality here.

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