Definition of Team

By: Kendra Smith
VP of Legal Technology, Cobra Legal Solutions

As I sat down to write this blog – fingers ready in position on keyboard with a fresh cup of coffee at my side – I froze; I suddenly had nothing to say, nothing to talk or write about. It felt like all of the pressure to write down some great wisdom continued mounting with every blink of the cursor which sat mocking me at the top of a blank page. In the office, everyone would attest that I had something to say about, well, everything. So how was it that now I had no words? 

That was until we had a candidate come in for an interview. I suddenly knew what I had to write about! You may not get any great wisdom from this, but stick with me here. 

Interview Day at Cobra is unlike any interview process I have ever been through or been involved in. I could hardly believe the process when I was interviewed for my position at Cobra. I left thinking, is this for real? Now, Interview Day is one of my favorite days at Cobra, and look forward to interviewing candidates every time. But of course, unless you are a prospective employee, why do you care about our interview process? I’m getting there, I promise. 

Interviews at Cobra go something like this – the team sits down in a big circle together with the candidate in the lounge area of our office. The conversation usually begins with our CEO, Candice “The Boss” Corby, giving a quick introduction to the company and how this “big circle” is about to go down. Then, she always leads with this: “We will start with everyone telling you WHY Cobra?” Suddenly, we are transported back to high school or college at the pep rally the night before the biggest football game of the year! 

There is none of that awkward silence, darting eyes or stressed glances looking to each other begging someone to “go first.” Like kids on Christmas, no one can wait to go first. With each story from members of the Cobra team, the momentum builds and each person’s answer builds-off the one before. 

These days are energizing and overwhelming – and that is from the perspective of the interviewer. As the interviewee, you feel this amazing energy and this overwhelming desire to throw on your pads and join the team on the field to ‘Win one for the Gipper.’ 

Working with this collaborative team ignites my passion and drive for our business – and not just because we have the best company culture and the best place to work EVER; but because we are a group of people who are top performers in whatever our role, who all want to do and be better, who want to drive workflows to efficiency, who want to optimize processes, and who thrive surrounded by like-minded people. We have core values that are not just words but personal principles to each of us: Collaboration, Transparency, and Partnership. 

Each time I am sucked into the vortex that is Interview Day, at some point it occurs to me that I wish every one of our current clients, potential clients, perspective employees, or pretty much anyone who needs something to believe in could see this. It is absolutely infectious. Cobra is the purest definition of team. It feels like we all suddenly put on capes and are ready to save the world one document production at a time. 

Our interviewee called me a couple days later after we had made him an offer. He stumbled around a bit trying to find the words to ask me, “is this for real!?” He told me it all sounded so genuine and authentic, but he wanted to have “real talk”, outside of the group setting. He was at a loss for words to describe how impassioned everyone was. I assured him it was for real, that what he saw that day during his interview was our everyday. We don’t sit around and talk about how awesome we are, ok sometimes we do a little, but every day we all WANT to be there. And every day, we live out Collaboration, Transparency, and Partnership. 





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