EDRM’S Illumination Zone: Cobra Legal’s Doug Kaminski & John Pappas sit down with Kaylee & Mary

EDRM Global Podcast Network’s Illumination Zone: Doug Kaminski, Chief Revenue Officer and John Pappas, Senior Director of EDRM Trusted Partner, Cobra Legal Solutions, sit down with Kaylee & Mary to talk about their approach to pricing alignment with clients and what attracted John Pappas to Cobra.

Listen to their conversation here.

Cobra continues to grow its suite of service offerings and gain key team members as word spreads about our company culture and values. Aligning with the right experts, Cobra’s team of like-minded professionals produce quality results while revolutionizing the way the legal ops industry works. Cobra is tech prescriptive and able to quickly identify the right solutions and best tools for our clients to fit their unique needs.

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