Empowering Change: Cobra’s CEO Wins Women Economic Forums – Women of the Decade in Law and Leadership Award

Cobra CEO Candice Corby meets with global leaders in New Delhi, India at the Women Economic Forum 2019

Cobra Legal Solutions is delighted to congratulate Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Candice Hunter Corby as the 2019 recipient of the international “Women of the Decade in Law & Leadership” Award presented annually by the Women Economic Forum. The WEF’s annual meeting was held this year in New Delhi, India with the theme of “Reimagining Societies: Reclaiming Humanity with Gender Equality.” This large global event hosts over 2000 women from 120 countries, coming together to foster empowering conversations, connections and collaborations among women entrepreneurs and leaders from all spheres of life. The award, presented by Dr. Harbeen Arora, Chairperson of Women Economic Forum and ALL Ladies League, at the meeting on April 11th recognizes Ms. Corby’s achievements and her leadership celebrating diversity and championing equality.

“I am humbled and honored to receive this award, especially as it comes from women leaders committed to helping other women succeed. I have always valued and worked for women’s empowerment and strive every day to be a positive global citizen,” said Candice Corby, Cobra’s CEO. “I look forward to the day when women, equality, and diversity are no longer a goal but are the norm. I hope to be a beacon of light to further the objective of global equality.” Ms. Corby has always been passionate about engaging actively as a global citizen, focusing on social responsibility in the United States and across the world. Her civic commitments are many. Along with serving on the boards of the Andy Roddick Foundation and Austin’s Zach Theatre, among others, Ms. Corby runs marathons with Team Livestrong to raise money for cancer patients and is involved with the I Am Waters Foundation which provides water to homeless persons. Cobra and Ms. Corby actively support Chennai’s Rising Star Outreach charity for children affected by leprosy in India, with funding and volunteer hours. Cobra is proud to be 99% diverse, with a workforce that is 80% female worldwide. Under Candice’s leadership, the company offers opportunities to exceptional talent and provides a safe work environment for women that fosters achievement, and promotes professional growth. “Cobra, under Ms. Corby’s leadership, is my greatest supporter and mentor,” said Lubna Yameen, Assistant Quality Manager for Cobra. “Working with a team that celebrates diversity and advocates equality has taught me the value of hard work and being a strong, independent woman. I am proud to call team Cobra my extended family.”Candice learned to overcome the challenges of being a woman in a man’s world at a young age, as she has been in the C-suite since she was 26 years old. She was the youngest ever CFO of a Scripps Howard newspaper, The Times Record News in Witchita, Texas. She took over Cobra on January 1, 2010, and has catalyzed and overseen tremendous growth since that time, tripling the Cobra workforce over the last five years.

About Women Economic Forum

The Women’s Economic Forum is the global conference of the All Ladies League (ALL), designed to foster empowering conversations, connections and collaborations among women entrepreneurs and leaders from all spheres of life. The annual week-long forum takes place in India, along with regional ones throughout the year and across the world. The vision of the WEF is to inspire every woman to become a businesswoman.

Women of the Decade/ Leader of the Decade:

This award is for women/leaders who are pioneers and front-runners in their respective entrepreneurial and professional endeavors, with a distinctive voice and vision that are inspiring and innovating a new narrative of leadership in all walks of life. It is for those whose expertise and spirit can inspire and inform the next wave of a more awakened and empowered leadership.

More information is available at https://www.wef.org.in/annual-wef-2019/.

About Cobra Legal Solutions

Cobra Legal Solutions and CobrATX were formed over a decade ago to help you derive higher value from your legal functions. Cobra Legal Solutions is a diverse team of like-minded professionals with deep experience in both corporate legal departments and law firms united with one common goal: to improve the efficiency of legal support services. We combine our expertise in eDiscovery, contracts and due diligence, document review, legal research, and technology to deliver consistent, measurable results for our clients. Through a Value Sourcing approach and judicious use of technology assistance, we can significantly reduce the cost and risk in the business of law.

More information is available at our new site www.cobralegalsolutions.com.



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