This webinar is a follow-up from our previous session on the role of equality and inclusion in legal operations. This next chapter is, well, the next logical chapter. Putting diversity, inclusion, and equality plans into action to ensure it’s not just the focus du jour.

What’s working, how is success defined, and how to ensure that talk leads to action are just some of the topics covered in this thought and action provoking webinar. View the slide deck from the session below created by legal peers who are making a difference to learn:
  • What initiatives are producing results
  • Why bringing your authentic self to work is important
  • Turning small wins into bigger impacts

If you missed them, check out the first two webinars in our Diversity and Inclusion series, Legal Ops: A Prescription for Clearer Vision in 2020 and Beyond and If Not Now, When? Driving Equality and Inclusion in Legal Operations