Document Review

Scalable discovery solutions.

// Whether you have a litigation or investigation that requires document review, due diligence for an M&A transaction, or a review of contracts, leases, or other document intensive projects, our full-time team of experienced attorneys can help. We’ll work with you to set up the most effective review strategy, use our platform or yours, and complete the project in less time and with higher accuracy. You’ll also be able to track progress in our award-winning customer dashboard, CobraPulse®… even from your mobile device.


// Our team of dedicated attorneys can handle any review project from a few thousand to several million documents quickly and accurately. Whether in your platform or our Relativity environment, we’ll help ensure your deadlines are met and you know the complete story of your matter from top to bottom.


// In business transactions, what’s inside your data matters as much as the timeframe. We’ll help you find the data you need to validate key transaction details, valuation, and more. During or especially after an acquisition, we can also help you make sure that all representations were accurate and expose any hidden issues before they become risks.


// With investigations, time is of the essence. Our project management team and review attorneys have the deep experience needed to make sure you find what you need and produce what’s required to all parties completely and on time. Thousands of legal professionals rely on Cobra every day to uncover the truth and never miss a deadline.


// Have a large number of contracts that you need to review and report on key provisions but don’t know how to begin? Maybe you need someone to take control of your process for approving Non-Disclosure and other agreements and make it painless? Cobra has experience in all types of document and data intensive reviews beyond discovery and can optimize those processes for you.