Saving you time and money.

// Improving your litigation and investigation processes is important to gaining control over the cost and risk of eDiscovery. Cobra helps you create a repeatable, defensible EDRM discovery workflow from Information Governance through final disposition and supplies you with the industry leading technology needed and even the people to run it.

Collections & Forensics

// Our Collections team takes the hassle out of data acquisition for you. Whether on-site or remote, from servers or devices (even phones and tablets!), we will find and acquire any amount of data in a forensically sound fashion and ensure proper chain of custody and data integrity through our rigorous Quality Control process.  In addition, we have the ability to perform detailed forensic investigations and to testify as experts.  For more information, please see our Cobra Data Discovery website.

Legal Hold

// The heart of a defensible process is legal hold and preservation. With Cobra Legal Hold, powered by Relativity, you can send your notices to unlimited custodians, track compliance, issue reminders, and even Preserve in Place for Microsoft Office365 all with just a few button clicks. Simple to use, yet powerful, your legal hold process can be automated and standardized including reporting, powerful dashboards, and integration with HR and matter management systems. No infrastructure or IT involvement needed.


// You will receive the same high level of service that our subscription customers enjoy, support 24/7/365, and access to the same team that hundreds of legal professionals rely on each day. Our secure data centers have been ISO 27001 and 9001 certified without a single non-conformity for the past 9 years.

Relativity Subscription

// If your needs go beyond Legal Hold, Cobra offers full subscriptions to Relativity that give you full administrative access and control in an ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 secure fashion to all the tools Relativity provides. For a cost significantly less than you are probably paying now, you can have complete Analytics, Assisted Review, Active Learning, Case Dynamics and much more all backed by an award winning team to help you get more from your discovery process. By centralizing with Cobra, you will be able to reuse data and decisions while ensuring your data is safe and take advantage of advanced tools all without any infrastructure cost or hassle.

Project Management

// Cobra’s Project Management team is well equipped to handle anything from your biggest, most complex case to routine, smaller matters with ease. We work directly for corporate legal departments and their outside counsel to manage important cases and investigations from cradle to grave. Our Relativity and ACEDS certified team can provide the needed resources to ensure your matters go smoothly and without surprises. Whether we’re providing the needed technology or just our expertise, we’ll help make sure you get the results that you want… consistently and reliably.