Tailored solutions to fit your needs.

// Have you ever wondered which teams have the best review efficiency or how your legal spend compares to fee structure or resource allocation? CobraPulse® delivers real-time metrics in a centralized dashboard, giving clients full transparency into the productivity of every resource on their team for more strategically allocated human capital hours and informed budget considerations. Even the smallest legal department can regularly review the performance of individual attorneys and vendors.


// Not every project is as simple as gathering data and shipping it. We have deep experience in handling and making usable legacy databases and data sources that challenge others. Combining old SQL data and making sense of it or getting answers from other structured data sources is all in a day’s work for the tech team at CobrATX.


// Do you have a matter management system and you’re trying to integrate it with your discovery workflows? Or maybe you need to take data from internal systems to augment legal technology you’ve acquired for a more complete picture? We specialize in making legal technology WORK and optimized to produce the benefits you want.


// Legacy technology sometimes requires movement of data into new solutions. Software providers can stop supporting and servicing legacy systems, leaving you in a tough spot. We can help you with that. We have deep experience helping customers transition out of legacy technology such as Clearwell, Exterro, Summation, Concordance, PSS Atlas, and into newer solutions that fit their future plans without any loss of data integrity.


// With all of the above, sometimes you just need an expert opinion on what to do with your data, how to handle it more efficiently, or where it’s all located. Cobra’s experts have the real world Information Governance, Cybersecurity, and Data Governance experience to make this seemingly impossible task a reality.