Do the Math, Think Fractional

When it Comes to Timely Project Management for Discovery, Do the Math and Think Fractional

By: Doug Kaminski
Chief Revenue Officer, Cobra Legal Solutions

eDiscovery case law is rife with cautionary tales of significant mistakes in eDiscovery that were made that cost the parties dearly – sometimes even the case itself.  In this case ruling from earlier this year, counsel for the defendants made so many mistakes that the court ordered them to complete at least eight hours of CLE on electronically stored information (ESI) by the end of the year. Read more

eDiscovery Case Law Update, in re: Corker v. Wholesale, et al.

By: Omen Safavi, Esq.
Professional Services Supervising Attorney, Cobra Legal Solutions

Cases can be won or lost with the proper use of discovery. Although discovery has its roots in early law, the changing face of technology and the law itself has modified the way discovery is handled.

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