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When crafting this post, I was considering a number of different topics that are relevant to legal operations professionals. From eDiscovery to contract management to aligning value for allocation of resources, I thought about all the current projects we’re working on with our clients and how I could tie that all together. Makes sense, right? Then I got an idea from another source. My fiancée’s 9-year-old daughter did a project in school titled “Where I’m From…”. In it, she listed all the things that made her what she is today…things like “I am from watching the sun go down on the beach” and “I am from listening to old songs”. It was a beautiful glimpse into her thoughts and what she identifies herself with. It made me think about what MY identity is and how that relates to the choices I’ve made in my career. So here goes!

• I am from finding answers to tricky questions related to the intersection of data and the law
• I am from helping legal professionals make better decisions that reduce cost and risk globally
• I am from the thousands of excellent people I’ve gotten to know in my travels
• I am from the portion of those who have become good friends over time
• I am from both the legal software and the legal services disciplines
• I am from improving processes, not automating bad ones
• I am from understanding the needs of my clients first
• I am from way too many conferences to easily count
• I am from many days and nights on the road, too
• I am from a team of incredible women and men
• I am from hard work, creativity, and gratitude
• And that’s where I’m from!

There are more statements that I could make but these are the core things that have made my career a rewarding one and have helped shape my work identity. My decision to join the team at Cobra Legal Solutions fits in with that as all our people embody the above ideas and more. This has allowed me to combine all my past experiences with theirs to create the best value for our clients while leaving their legal operations and processes better than before. This is where I’m from but the story of where I’m going is being written now in every engagement and every interaction with legal professionals each day. Where are YOU from and where would you like to go? If any of the above strikes a chord with you, let’s talk and see if we can work on this together.


The Guru (aka: Doug Kaminski)

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